seeking consultant for 0365 end user roll out

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Not sure if this is the proper forum, but figured I'd start somewhere.  Looking for an 0365 consultant to help navigate all the bells and whistles of 0365.  I realize there are many online learning modules and guides, but looking for a bit more hand holding.  IT is implementing 0365 Org-wide, but not really able to provide guidance on which apps are best to use to improve work flow, how to get the most out of Sharepoint, Teams, etc. for each dept.  


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kimberly. Please send me a DM to inform me what you are looking for.

@KClarkRoss if we can help at all, let us know we've done many Microsoft Office 365 training and consultancy projects for end users in Education, Business, Government and Charity. I'm based in the UK but we have offices in many different countries.


If you have any additional questions regarding O365 rollout feel free to send me an email at