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Hi everyone,


I wonder if some resource for the adoption of Outlook can be found somewhere. 

I have checked the new adoption.microsoft.com website but there are only assets for Outlook mobile.


Thanks for your help :smile:

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Good call out. We have not created any materials for the desktop or OWA clients but others here may know of external sources.

@ThierryB You might find some useable stuff here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/fasttrack/resources#Outlook-section


It's probably older, but maybe customizable for your needs?

Thank you but they are wrongly label. They all concern Exchange Online and from my opinion the biggest deal for the adoption is to have Outlook ressource.

For Exchange most user do not really care about which server handle the mail.

@ThierryB Ah, sorry that didn't help. Well, here are a couple of links that might be of some use:


Printable Outlook infographics: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/make-outlook-work-for-you-18e68366-6f37-4b23-840b-784edb7...


And general Outlook training and resources (full disclosure: managed by me): https://365trainingportal.com/outlook/