Office 365 user adoption promo video


I made a short promo video for Office 365 User Adoption - nice intro for customer discussions :)
(believe me - you get instant attention with some part of the music here :) )

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I think the messages are spot on but the music is overpowering the whole thing - sorry! It's so jarring I can't even concentrate on what you're saying (which is very good!)

Thanks for the feedback!

The idea behind the music is the awfull part (not using it etc.) with bad music and after that a nice tune on how to do it ... ;)

But I will think about a version without this music :)

I got the point of the music! I just think it overpowers, maybe try to find something slightly more subtle!

Love it

Such a great video highlighting the importance of user adoption work.

Excellent initiative we need to get their attention and make them work differently. Unlearning the older way of working and relearning the new way is the Key for organizations to be higher productive & this should be top on their priority list.