Office 365 Adoption Guide for a University

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Anyone has a sample of an adoption guide with emphasis on a University setting? Given that a University has a very unique composition in terms of its users. From having different campuses, adjunct professors, staff that are not highly proficient in technology, and an entire student population with different technological background and proficiency, I hope someone can share a sample adoption guide. Thank you. 

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Thanks @Dean Gross . However, we have not 100% deployed Teams to everyone in the University or have created awareness initiatives on how useful it is to say the least.  Although there are departments that are aware of it as one of the apps in the Office 365 suite and are actually using it, we are still having challenges with the basic ones such as OneDrive, Calendar, Outlook, etc. Going the route to Teams will be not a good start. 

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@deepdipsalas_2019  have you seen these and



@deepdipsalas_2019 Aside from the information I just messaged you, here is another link that might be helpful: