New infographic templates for Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint adoption

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Check out the new infographic templates that you can customize for your team!


Download infographics and templates here.




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These are great, along with the new Office tips & tricks series, they make a nice set of resources.
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Nice infographic - will  there be similar infographics avilible for e.g. Teams, OneDrive, Yammer,  flow ect... ? - that would be pretty cool :)

thank you for these nice info graphics!

Very nice, localized and editable as well!


Looking forward to the OneNote & OneDrive infographic :)

These are terrific infographics. Thank you for posting. Great work by all involved. Keep it coming!

Great resource, very useful for classroom walls or pupil hand-outs. Any chance of getting ones for Sway and Teams  :)

This looks great, nice templates! :)

Just in case people are interested our team localized these infographics (the PowerPoint templates and PDFs) into 36 other languages. I am attaching a file with direct links to the downloads. There is a tab for each app and a direct link. We hope people find them useful! 

These are great! Will there be any of these for Excel?

I took the one called "The Organized Inbox" and turned it into a tent card by reordering the page content, rotating half a page, and printing 2 sided. The blue sections are on the outside and the 4 steps are on the inside.

Here's what it looks like in PowerPoint, with the company branding excised.  It prints on an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock which you fold in half like a greeting card. We found that the cardstock stands up when placed on the short edge like a greeting card, but slides flat when placed on its long edge like a tent card. 

Organized Inbox Tent Card.png


How about making one for OneDrive For Business, Skype For Business, and Microsoft Teams? I would like to distribute this for on-boarding new users.

You can find a OneDrive poster template at the very bottom of this FastTrack page:

I posted here about an idea for another infographic that is about using SP and ODFB instead of File Shares. Check it out and improve it, please.

Hi there! The infographics are already localized (as are all pages on If you view the page with a different language-locale setting, you can see it. For example, to see the page in French, in the URL, change 'en-us' to 'fr-fr'.

My team created these infographics and I would love your feedback.