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I've been asked to do a classroom training sessions for Microsoft Teams and wondering if anyone had any training plans on what they would cover please?

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Hi @Jenny Neal

There are some great resources out there. This should be able to get you started.

Admin Training for Teams

End User Training for Teams

Microsoft Teams Video Training

Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist (Centred on Teams)

It would depend on who and what level you were training, but if it is end users and it is their first time using Teams then you would do the subjects covered in the end user training above

- How to create Teams
- How to add members and guests
- How to start private and group conversations
- How to add Tabs and apps
- How to hold meetings
- How to upload and work together with files
- How to use the Wiki

Hope that helps get you started.

Best, Chris

Hi @Jenny Neal ,


In addition to the excellent resources and advice that @Christopher Hoard shared with you, I would suggest that you choose a real-world project within your office for your training sessions if possible, and design your training around it in Microsoft Teams. Having content that users can relate to makes it much easier to understand the concepts presented in training. Show how the project team can discuss the project within Teams; create channels for different aspects of the project; easily share and collaborate on files and information about the project; define the project in the Team Wiki (a great feature), including goals, scope, stakeholders, deadlines, etc.


And here are a couple of additional resources for your consideration: 


I hope some of that helps,



@Graham McHugh  @Christopher Hoard 


Thank you both for your responses, they were really helpful with putting the training plan together.




Not a problem - anytime!

Best, Chris

@Jenny Neal 


You're very welcome, Jenny -- would love to hear how it goes!