Microsoft Teams as a VLE

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Can we use Microsoft Team as a VLE? if not why ? 

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What is a VLE?

@Sharyn_Mayne  It's a Virtual Learning Environment. 

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I recently read a blog or article that argued about using one single platform as a VLE and in many situations the existing platforms are now doing things it was never designed for - such as collaboration. It argued that instead we should focus on using a multiple set of tools for different purposes that they each tool does well. So to me why not use SharePoint as the actual core learning platform and Teams for collaboration? You could easily add tabs into Channels that would link into SharePoint pages etc. For example I recently setup the Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways template on our SharePoint intranet site and added a tab in a Teams Channel for the new Learning Pathways site allowing colleagues to learn from within Teams.
You could create a Team for a 'module' and Channels in the team for each of the learning 'topics' with a SharePoint page for that topic as a tab and the team chat space in the channel used for discussion on that particular topic? You could even use separate private channels for group work during the Team/Module? Use Forms for quizzes and knowledge checks and add these as a tab into the channels/topics? Using video meetings as virtual lectures?
I can see Teams being used as a launchpad quite well in a learning context and would allow for students to share experiences and understanding with others - lots of scope in this one.

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