Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways


Hi all.


I've recently provisioned the Microsoft Learning Pathway into our tenant but there is no content showing when using MS Edge, other browsers render correctly, images shown below.


I've re-installed from SharePoint PnP but the issue remains.


Any suggestions would be welcome.





Shown in Edge and IE:


Shown in Chrome and Firefox:




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I found the solution was to manually update the App Catalog with the latest version from GitHub, from 4.0.0 to 4.1.1:


Edge starting working after this.

@BarryAnderson - I am experiencing this same issue.  I'm not familiar with how do manually update the app catalog.  Are these the steps to follow?

@aerickah- Yes.  I uploaded the latest sppkg file into the app catalog and it was done.  I wasn't prompted for an update when visiting the site, possibly because we already had version 4.0.0


Thank you! I will try this!


Did this eventually work for the Internet Explorer too? We have the same problem, but only in IE. Looks good in Chrome and Edge.

Unfortunately IE is still the companies default Browser.

@katharina75- Yes upgrading to version 4.1.2 corrected issues in IE.