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Hi Chaps. I've provisioned Microsoft Learning Pathways in my demo tenant but I don't appear to have any content! the tiles are there, but there is nothing on the pages they direct too. I've run through the provisioning info in Microsoft Docs and don't appear to have missed any steps - but clearly there's something wrong.


I'd be really grateful if anyone could offer any insight into what may have happened and how I can rectify the site.

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Hi @LindaPh. Can you confirm that the Learning Pathways web part is available to you? Edit the home page of the site collection you chose to use. 



Do you see any content in the web part? Do you have options to configure the web part? 

The demo pages may not have loaded properly, but if the web part is functioning, you'll be able to create pages. 


Hi @Darrell Webster and thanks for your response, I've been away on leave so apologies for the delay.


I do have it set up and this is what I see:




But, when I click on any of these sections I get to the page, but the page is empty for example:



My understanding, which may be incorrect, was that these pages are populated automatically with content ...


I checked the available webparts but can't see anything that is relevant beyond the usual items. And I definitely don't see the same edit screen you have on your third image!




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@LindaPh, that sounds like an incomplete install. I'm not sure if you can try running the solution again from the SharePoint PnP page and pointing out at the same site collection?

That worked - thanks@Darrell Webster 

Hi @Darrell Webster :)

Any idea how many tries it should take to have the Learning Pathways to successfully install?  I've tried 3 times in my demo tenant and I keep getting no content in the site with this email:


Your request to provision "Microsoft 365 learning pathways" template failed!

Please report the issue here providing the following provisioning action correlation ID: ee97663e-fb01-4f78-acec-44c7ab5ce92a !


I've reported the issue and gone thru the troubleshooting section on the MS site so many times I think I could recite it by heart.  Any additional thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Linda,


I am having the same problem, linking their 'playlists' to an actual page on the sites. 

I am unable to find and link the content to the pages, they are not automatically filled with content. 

And also with the learning pathways app itself. I add it to a site, and when I try to click a tile, the whole app disappears. 

Have you figured out how to get actual content on the site? 

I'd love to hear from you on how you did this! 


Here are some screenshots


Microsoft learning pathways.JPGLEarning pathways dissapear.JPG

Hi @SashaP It does work eventually, but what you will need to do is re-provision the entire thing. So I went back to the beginning and deleted the app store. I then re did the app store and re did learning pathways, It took a couple of hours for the app store to make learning pathways avaiable for provisioning, but it worked OK the second time I tried it.


I've recently deleted the demo tenancy I had used originally and started again as well and this time everything worked as expected. It may also be a timing thing. I find if I want to do anything, as I'm based in the UK I do it in the morning before the US starts work :)

@SashaP Hello, this web app is tricky, so bear with me. You will need to edit your web part (what is showing up on your page now (Get Started/Scenarios)). A gear will appear in the upper right hand corner of the web part, click to open. This takes you to your Category site on the background.  You will see the Get Started, Scenarios, First Days categories. You can create your own categories by clicking on the + or making some of those categories invisible by clicking on the eye.  The original categories already contain playlists (content) to get you started.  Any categories you create, you'll need to add playlists/content. See: 


Once you get your categories and playlists built out, you will be able to pick and choose what the user sees on each page - right down to individual playlist, sub-category, category.  Explore the Edit Web Part and it's filtering capabilities.


And, before I let you go, the icons for each playlist are not easy.  You'll need to get those from GitHub.  My best find is:  


I hope you find this helpful,



I will give this a try! I am the middle of creating an intranet for my organization. I just found out about learning pathways and thought it would be a great resource for training employees!

What kind of content do you have for training employees?

Thank you for your help!


@SashaP , Lisa has shared great tips about the learning pathways webpart and how to create new categories and playlists!


Just to add on some bits based on how I used learning pathways for one of my customers -

  • You can use "Copy Playlist" action if you want to use what Microsoft has already built but you want to hide some assets or add new assets.
  • You can design your own icons for your playlist in case you want to use images that are specific to your organization. You can upload the images inside Site Assets of your learning pathways site and paste that URL here.



  • In terms of training content, I usually tend to build and organize content per product and organize them into playlists grouped by categories. I use what is already existing in learning pathways and add pages based on the application/usage of the customers so they can resonate to it. 
  • For the landing page, I have used "Highlighted content", "Quick links" and "Hero" web parts to link to the tutorials and I have found them to be useful to depict a step by step type of tutorials. I also tapped on the thumbnails/icons of these web parts to make things even better for end users. These web parts can do wonders and help you get a great visual for the landing page!


Hi @SashaP Learning Pathways is great and you can anything to it, but it might be better to keep it focused on Microsoft Content. If you have other non-Microsoft training content you want to share, you could add it, but in the experience of clients we've worked with it usually helps to keep them separate.


The types of things we ADD to learning pathways are around the additional and more organisation focused knowledge such as specific governance related information - for example how the organisation enables or not staff using un-managed devices, what the role of a group owner is, how Microsoft 365 works with previous versions of Office that may be out in the user community etc.. All of this is specific to the organisation.


We also use it to build out playlists for more specific personas and scenarios, that way we can more directly target different groups of users on a need to know basis.

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@LindaPh, that sounds like an incomplete install. I'm not sure if you can try running the solution again from the SharePoint PnP page and pointing out at the same site collection?

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