Maximize Microsoft 365 productivity and teamwork capabilities

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  • Most organization start to maximize the capabilities for Microsoft Team and sharepoint
  • The Microsoft suite consist of other productivity app ex. Flow, Power BI or cloud for healthcare
  • How do we learn about the options and capabilities available ?
  • How can Microsoft help us to become advocate of this technology  for our organization 
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Hi @Lim_BoonBin,


I created a website to help with questions just like yours -- the 365 Training Portal. It has a page for each of the Microsoft 365 apps, plus other pages for various Microsoft 365 services. To take advantage of all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, one must have at least a basic awareness/understanding of the available apps. The training portal's app pages are constructed as follows:


  1. At the top of the page, a short video (2 to 3minutes) that gives an overview of the app.
  2. Links to the top Microsoft 365 training and resources for the app.
  3. Links to Learning Paths for the app on Microsoft Learn (where available)
  4. Links to the latest posts from the app's blog
  5. Links to customer stories about the app (these can be insightful and inspiring)
  6. Links to lots of other app-related resources (under the "See also" section)
  7. The apps Twitter feed (where available)

So, for a quick overview of the apps, simply go from app page to app page (using the navigation down the left side of the site) and watch the short overview videos. From there, visitors can go to any of the various linked resources to learn more about apps of interest. Microsoft has a wealth of excellent resources for all aspects of Microsoft 365 -- I would put Docs and Microsoft Learn up at the top of my list, but there are many others -- as you'll see on the site: 365 Training Portal.


Good luck!



Hi @Graham_McHugh , thank you for the advice. I will explore the functionalities available and next step forward. 


Have a wonderful day ahead.