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Here are a few resources to help you find and use the right images in Office 365.  

Office 365


Yammer Colors
Pantone: 300 
CMYK: C100,M50,Y0,K0 RGB: RO, G114, B198 
Hex: #0072C6​

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@Lana O'Brien 

Are there any official resources (urls) for O365 swag in Europe?

Thank you.

@Lana O'Brien Do you have EPS or vector files? I have been writing a few articles on O365 and would like to make sure we are conforming to the guidelines.

@Lana O'Brien Where can we get the updated logos? jpg, png formats please. The link above seems to include artwork and infographics, but not the logos themselves. 

best response confirmed by Georgeina Baker (Contributor)

@Georgeina Baker There are updated logos here, requires login with your organisational account and agreeing to the terms:

thank you very much @Cian Allner - this has taken some time to track down. Appreciated :D 

@Lana O'Brien  Hi again.  This link is broken. Please help FastTrack Templates and Resource Center downloads.


Thank you Cian, this got me what I needed :)
Refreshing this as almost all searches regarding microsoft family brands drive to this one link.

Where do partners of your company access the latest sanctioned brand assets across all products? Including the Power family, Azure, Office and so on. Please advise and provide a link or links. Thank you.



Bumping what Jonathan said.


That link is 404.


Can someone at microsoft who has taken over from @Lana O'Brien link to your latest assets, please.