I'm excited for the Power Platform Conference! Will you be there?

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Hi All!  


First time posting here.  While I'm well into my career in IT, I'm a relative newbie to Microsoft technologies.  In fact, I spent the majority of my time the last 20 (mumble mumble some) years working with the IBM stack and even worked in tech sales for IBM actively competing against MS.  How times have changed.  I'm now a couple of years into my Microsoft journey and I'm absolutely loving it!  I have been working with the Power Platform for that time and I finally feel that I am really getting it.  I've put together some larger apps that have been well received in my company and have even started an internal Power Platform Champions program aimed at upskilling our business users. That said, I know there is still much to learn so I'm very excited to be attending the Power Platform Conference in September.  And a real world show at that!  

Will you be attending?  I hope so and hope to meet many of you there.  I was very active in the IBM/Lotus community as a speaker and blogger and think that community is one of the best parts of these tech gatherings.   Nice to virtually meet you...Cheers!  

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Welcome to the Microsoft community! I'll certainly be there in Orlando and hope to get to meet you and so many others in person. I'm sure you know but there's a thriving community online for Power Platform and you can pick your favorite flavor at https://powerusers.microsoft.com/ Under the Community tab you can find them all. Good luck and keep building!