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Dear Adoption Community,


In our organization we have an IT Consultancy programe going on with the goal of improving teams' proffiency in the use of Office 365.


We want to deploy a personal assessment to identify strengths/weaknesses and measure the impact of the consultation by doing this assessment also after we have been with the teams.


Does anyone have experience with this kind of assessment? Any materials you can recommend so we can build it? We are thinking of thematic areas such as co-authoring, meeting organizations and such.


Many thanks in advance for all answers!

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I have some thoughts on this but first, I’m interested in what the goal for this is for your staff?

For example,
Is there an expected level of proficiency you’re after? Or they’ll change a certain process? They’ll just have improved knowledge?

Has that goal been defined yet?

Thanks for your reply!

The goal is to help staff identify improvement points in personnel and team productivity, set a baseline and then do training and consulting sessions over a period of time (2-3 weeks) normally on the topics the teams considers will add more value to them and after some time (3 months for example) send the assessment again and evaluate if there has been a change (positive) and if this change is at the expected level.

I can imagine a scenario where for instance a persons is sending email to look for a timeslot to have a meeting, the consulting teams explains best practices, and after some months the person is using a) scheduling assistant or b) (best case) Find Time instead of sending mails back and forth.

@sngBI - Sounds like a good plan and I think allowing people a few months to see a change in behavior is wise! I'm just going to write a few thoughts about how you could approach it and link some resources that may help. These are general comments as I don't know too much more about your situation.



First, I'd suggest you treat this as a change management project as you move from a current state to a future state.  If you need a framework, Prosci's approach and their ADKAR model for individuals would be great. This would also tie in with different adult learning theories.


The key thing here is making sure that your staff understand the need for the training, it's benefit for them and they want to learn (and not feel like it's being forced on them). You'll get the best result that way. Once they're onboard and see the benefit for themselves, you'll get less resistance to any kinds of 'assessments' you may want to do for them (you could make the assessment optional).



Over the years, working in digital literacy and digital skills, there's no one-size fits all skills assessment. I've seen organisations go very general (e.g. basic M365 skills like this one from Yale) to very specific where they go through each job role and identify specific skills that role needs.


It sounds like you're after more of a productivity/adoption boost. I'd suggest looking at the metrics used for the Microsoft 265 Adoption Score. I think it's a good starting point that provides guidance and measurement if you want to use it.

    • You can get your consultant to drill down on any of these areas to provide learning
    • If you don't want to use the Adoption Score functionality, you can still use its general categories as a starting point for supporting adoption

What I think is critical is that you work early on with your staff first to make sure they're aware of the need for change (important to have this defined by your project/HR/sponsor) and have the desire to do the training too.


All the best, I'd be keen to hear what approach you take.

Thank you @HelloBenTeoh,

You are right on pointing out this is 80% change management, 20% upskilling.

We have looked into the Adoption Score but it is tenant wide so very difficult to identity priorities at team level but great for showing benchmark and the different adoption dimensions.

I was also looking into an assessment oriented to the Modern Collaboration Architecture dimensions, I think this can be easily explained and co-relate with the Office tools.

I would recommend checking out the Modern Collaboration Architecture white pages and MOCA Individual, Team, Community, and Organization Assessment if you can find it. It seems that the original links I used are dead now, but it's an excel form with a tab for each of the aforementioned areas.

Here is an example of the individual tab:
MOCA Individual.png

I can email a copy if needed. I think it would work really well as a List or Form instead, which is my intention. Hope this helps!