What is a Champion?
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There are many definitions of what a Champion is in the context of organizational or technical change.  For the purposes of our community I define a champion as:


"A person who is interested in technology as a means to help themselves and others achieve their goals. Someone who is willing to invest in learning skills to make this happen, often on their own time."  


While I do love technology and all its features the most rewarding work I do is to help other people achieve their goals whether large or small.  To be a Champion and a part of this community you do NOT need a technical or organizational change degree, decades of experience with Office 365 or even a clear understanding of why you are here.  You simply need to have a desire to learn more and help others.  


Because we are an open community we will have conversations here that will span across multiple disciplines - IT professionals, business users, developers and communications or change professionals.  We will strive to have content for everyone while helping each individual build their skills in deriving business value from the adoption of Office 365.  


What to expect next

Over the course of the next few weeks we will:

  • Curate and post reference material from a variety of sources 
  • Post our community call schedule and agendas 
  • Open topics for conversation like this one!

Any community will give to you what you invest in it so please participate in the conversation!  No question is "dumb" whether it is technical or people related.  We are all here to learn from each other.


I'm very happy you are a member of our Champions program.  Tell me in the comments what being a Champion means to you! 


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