Tournament of Teams - new within the Champion Management Platform
Published Jan 18 2022 08:20 AM 11.8K Views

One of the biggest new features of our Champion Management Platform (CMP) 2.0 release is the Tournament of Teams module! The CMP focuses on building and maintaining your Champions and having an internal platform for them to connect together on, while the module helps to expand themes and adoption guidance that your Champions create for the organization and making it accessible for all users to complete training related to those custom themes!


Tournament of Teams enables the entire organization to learn from Champions and to:

  • Create and deliver tournaments to help drive healthy usage of the scenarios and tools your users need
  • Run campaigns to promote new learnings and deep link to more precise and actionable information for knowledge in the moment
  • Track and record tournament information for post event recognition and impact measurement through the lists capturing results

Leveraging out of the box components, Tournament of Teams is meant to be as open and expansive as you want to make it. Leverage our built-in tournaments to get started or create your own based on current adoption themes for the organization! 

Link to current Microsoft support articles for how-to's around scenarios or build upon Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways and link out action items to those learning pathways pages!


The solution is open source and extensible, so feel free to customize as needed. Let us know your feedback and how we can continue to delight through solutions like these and our other open-source app templates for Microsoft Teams.







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