Microsoft 365 learning pathways multilingual releases and Get Started app template for Teams
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Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, our free, customizable product training experience, has been widely utilized by companies driving adoption of Microsoft 365 applications including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  Now we are expanding the capabilities of this solution by integrating with the multi-lingual feature of SharePoint to deliver nine (9) languages natively in the solution. Our multi-lingual release allows us to deliver on the #1 customer request for users of the solution by including the following languages:


  • English
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian (Italy)
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Russian (Russian)
  • Spanish

.m365lpsm.gifThe investment in Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a part of our overall Microsoft commitment to making learning more available to everyone and realize the greatest value from your time with Microsoft applications and services.  “We have tremendous content within the Microsoft ecosystem and we wanted to help organizations take advantage of that to train their people.” said Peter Krebs, Sr. Managing Editor within Microsoft’s Content and Experiences team.  “We knew that organizations were spending too much time updating their resources.  Now they can focus on learning rather than keeping content up to date.”


Microsoft 365 learning pathways delivers on three key customer asks:

  1. On-demand delivery of Microsoft product training
  2. Customizable experience to allow including customer content
  3. Open ecosystem to integrate Microsoft Partner content

“Building the digital skills of employees in bite sized ways is critical to adoption.  Without that, users are left frustrated with the pace of change and trying to navigate all the new capabilities we’re delivering.” said Karuana Gatimu, Principal Manager in Microsoft Teams engineering and lead of teamwork integrations for the solution.  “This is especially true in Microsoft Teams so we are happy to  respond to the needs of customers.”  To help users even more we are releasing our Get Started app template which brings all the power of Microsoft 365 learning pathways inside of Microsoft Teams. This customizable app template allows a company to pin important intranet sites directly inside of Teams including the learning pathways solution. 


This low-code solution is easily edited by an IT Pro and our ecosystem of Microsoft Partners can extend this further.  Mike Hollinshead, Principle Program Manager in SharePoint Engineering and lead of the Microsoft 365 learning pathways partner program shares that, “Our Partners are critical in ensuring customers get the right onboarding experience and further develop content that is specific to their needs.  By enabling their additional content sets in Microsoft 365 learning pathways we improve the learning experience by ensuring customers can use the right content at the right time.” Our code is available on GitHub and utilizes the popular SharePoint look book and SharePoint Patterns and Practice provisioning engine to further partner and developer integrations with the solution.  See these partner success stores on our main solution page.



Learning experiences in Microsoft Teams will continue to evolve as the Microsoft Learning app makes it way into the hands of customers. These two solutions will complement each other delivering content from different sources and leverage each other’s strengths as the future roadmap for both are refined. Details about our future roadmaps will be released in subsequent blog posts.


Learn more  about Microsoft 365 learning pathways at our newly expanded Microsoft Adoption Hub ( and get started today delivering customized on-demand training to your employees.  Give us feedback and suggestions at We are always listening!

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