Driving adoption goes hand-in-hand with understanding the employee experience
Published Nov 11 2021 05:46 PM 7,610 Views

Whether you are a leader, manager, or an adoption specialist, you understand that at the heart of digital transformation is a desire to transform operations efficiently. 

This means ongoing change for your employee base, reinforcement strategies, and an approach for capturing employee input and feedback. However, with the pace of change, it is critical now more than ever to understand the employee voice and show them that you are listening, addressing their challenges, and guiding them through this journey.

In a three-part series recently published on Inside Track, Danielle Yedinak and David Laves explore one way to accomplish understanding the employee experience and for our very own Microsoft employees.

Their series investigates strategies to capture employee signals, approaches to analysis, and how to think about prioritization to continually empower employees to be more vocal about their future experiences. 


To learn more, visit their three-part series below:

Part 1 - Digital transformation through mastery of the Microsoft employee experience

Part 2 - Transforming Microsoft’s employee experience by listening to employee signals

Part 3 - Driving the transformation of Microsoft’s employee experience with investment prioritization

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