Champion Management Platform - Now Available!
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We are happy to announce that the Champion Management Platform is now available! We've heard your feedback and love the Champion communities and work that you all are doing to drive and inspire usage of these solutions. With this first release of the Champion Management Platform we are bringing the ability to manage three core functions of a Champion program.


  • Program Management: Manage the Champions in your organization by keeping a list of members, enabling the ability to signup new Champions, and providing an approval system to onboard new members into the Champion program who can be categorized by focus area and region.
  • Leaderboard: Track campaigns across the champion group. You will be able to define the types of activities and point values. Champions will be able to see their ranking from a global perspective, based on people near them in location, as well as the focus area they have assigned.
  • Digital Badge: Overlay a teamwork Champion badge over your profile image for display across the Microsoft 365 solutions. Showcasing this badge helps to identify Champions and provide a bit of recognition for their contributions to the role

We can not wait to hear what you think about this first release. Please provide feedback on how we can improve the experience here and keep inspiring your communities to achieve more!


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