synchronization of collections

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on collections in the browser, you can add comments, ("notes") to the elements, but these are not synchronized, because on edge android (stable, dev, canary) none of these notes appears. So it's not very good... Is this a bug? An oversight? I've already commented several times using "feedback" on android and computer, but nothing has changed since...

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100% agree with you. It's not good at all because we naturally expect to see the notes when we are pulling up "Collections" on Edge Android. A synchronization process should not be partial without alerting the users. Furthermore, these notes do not appear when you use "Send the collection to Word or Excel". That means, the "note/comments" added to the elements are only available when we use Edge browser in PC. Collections are awesome but some limitations are keeping my excitations down! Also as promised for v91, "ability to add web capture to collection" is not available in stable v91 although roadmap says the feature is launched in stable v91. Any idea why the incorrect info on the official Edge release note webpage?