Memory Usage Comparison (Edge Canary vs Google Chrome)

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Edge Chromium Canary: Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Google Chrome: Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Using the same 10 address pages


(Sorry for posting this again, I made a change to the previous post and ended up messing it up) 


a) First screenshots just after opening the browsers
b) Other screenshots just after clicking each tab to refresh them
c) Browsers Task Managers to comparison side-by-side






















As you can see pages in Edge-Chromium-Canary use less memory than Google Chrome:


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I wonder if both browsers had the same version (79) and each ran separately maybe the results would be different



Next week I will do this test comparing the last build of Edge Canary with the last build of Google Chrome Canary, and I will run the browsers separately. 

Nice for their hard work!

@yellowdogvn and @HotCakeX 


I found it curious how Edge-Chromium and Chrome handle pages when they open.
Look at the picture, it looks like Edge "reads" all pages when it opens, while Chrome "reads" only the pages "it deems necessary". And maybe that's why Chrome uses less memory when it reopens with multiple pages, but consumes a lot more memory when each TAB is clicked to reload its pages.




Next week: Edge Canary versus Chrome Canary

Yeah... I think that's right... But Chrome shouldn't hidden it.
Chrome shouldn't hide what?



I think both browsers use the same amount of RAM.

I look at the task manager and I see Edge insider 79 has its processes scattered all over the place while Chrome Canary 79 has them all under on name "Google Chrome".

so at first sight it could appear that Chrome is using more RAM but the fact is Edge might be using the same amount of RAM or more but it's hard to tell because there are so many Edge processes running and changing their RAM values by second.


in the task manager screenshot below 


Annotation 2019-09-22 132819.png





Annotation 2019-09-22 132840.png



Annotation 2019-09-22 133319.png




here is how the built-in task manager of both browsers look like:

Edge insider Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

Google Chrome Canary Version 79.0.3920.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)


Used the same tabs on each browser. ran each browser separately.


Spent the same amount of time on each browser (measuring from the time I launched the browser, opened the tabs and took the screenshot). 


switched between each browser's tabs the same way in both browsers.



Annotation 2019-09-22 132629.png


Annotation 2019-09-22 132358.png


If you get Chrome Canary do a Canary vs Canary comparison. Be interesting to see how Chrome Canary vs Edge Canary play out in memory usage.




I am really very impressed with your Chrome Canary test. They seem to be doing their homework. I installed Chrome Canary Sunday morning but haven't used it yet, just installed it. Tomorrow, calmly, I'll see how this new version behaves.

I guess if you really wanted to tested it, you can compare Edge Canary to Chromium (the raw version that becomes before Canary which is bare bones). Although technically Chromium doesn't auto update like Chrome and Edge, ,but it makes for good testing and/or comparing.

Yeah well Google is competitive. this competitiveness between Microsoft and Google will be good for us end users

@Deleted I'll check it out.