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Hi there everyone,

After the version 80.0.351.0 update, I noticed that the title bars of the Apps installed through Edge show a colored title bar, which looks super cool...

For example: YouTube has a red bar now:


Similarly for the other apps installed through Edge also have a colored bar.


What I wanted to know here is that if the team is deciding on the colors of those bars, or Edge is picking up the colors through an algorithm?


That looks super dope though...


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That's really awesome!

I just tried it on popular websites and except for Outlook that has an unexpected title bar color, the rest of them are working fine as expected and nicely.






Outlook (expected it to be blue not white)Outlook (expected it to be blue not white)


Spotify Web PlayerSpotify Web Player












@HotCakeX those look awesome!

Yeah, makes me wanna add all of the websites as an app :))
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Yes, this is a new feature we're working on! Now, when you install a site as an app, we'll automatically theme the title bar based on the site's colors. This happens automatically, but as always web developers can specify their own color and override this automatic theming.


I'm glad you all like it. :)

@William Devereux indeed a great feature...

like @HotCakeX said, I want to make all of the sites into apps to see this theming...:face_with_tears_of_joy:


Thanks for the feature!

That's awesome! Is there information posted somewhere about how the title bar color is determined from the site colors?

@William Devereux 

Thanks!!! Spotify and Twitter look great

@William Devereux  Will there be anyway for the end user to change the color of the title bar? We use MS Dynamics 365 and for some reason when we install this site as an app it uses red which doesn't really mesh with the Dynamics 365 theme.  




2020-02-12 (2).png

William, this looks good in installed web apps. So good, that I think Edge should bring this to the browser itself, not just installed apps. For example, add a toggle in Settings under Appearance to "Use adaptive colors in title bar". This wouldn't suit everyone, but some people would love it, and you'd have another thing setting you apart from Chrome.

Can a user disable the colored title bar?  Some sites (such as Gmail) give a red title bar that is distracting and alarming (being red).  

No option as of now I guess.

I wish there was an option to override it ourselves and have it follow the theme we installed on the Edge Browser to begin with lol Is that possible?