Edge for Android does not respect chosen autofill app

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I think it's great Edge and the Password app added autofill support for synced passwords; however, it's not for me. My family uses 1Password so my wife and I can share utilities passwords, we can help our young children manage some of their accounts eg recovery info, and more.

Edge Dev on Android does not respect that I configured 1Password as my autofill app. Edge stable (older codebase) does, as does Chrome and every other app installed. I don't appreciate that Edge Dev or Canary doesn't respect my choices here. Logging into sites is a pain to switch back and forth between apps and really makes me question why I continue with Edge if it doesn't let me be productive with my choice of password manager.

The considered autofill app should just work, so it seems Edge for Android is explicitly blocking access in lieu of it's own autofill. The Privacy and Security settings do not give me a choice either.
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Hello, you can say that to the developers from microsoft with feedback . In the three dots menu, select "send feedback" tile and then you can explain the problem.
I have numerous times since the new codebase hit Canary. With UserVoice no longer being used, I was hoping this would help garner support.
I have the same issue and it is very annoying. I switched to Chrome until this issue is fixed.
Same issue here. I’m glad Edge has its own password manager, but I think it would be better to also support other choices in Edge right now.