Bing Button on Mobile?

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Where is the Bing button on mobile? Specifically Edge Dev for Android. The blog post implies there should be one... I just got an update to Edge Dev for Android today (to version 112.0.1702.3; first update since Feb 22!) and there is still no Bing button that I can see. 


The two main ways I can see to get the new Bing on mobile are (1) search for something on Bing, then hit the "Chat" tab or (2) search Bing for "Bing AI" which (sometimes?) pops it up. Is there something more direct? 

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@stevexyz Looks terribly ignored.

There is no bing button on android. You need a whole other "Bing" app just to have a shortcut. Which to my surprise turned to be another browser, that hangs up if you make it a default browser and you open an external link. Ofcourse none of this needed inventing.

In case anybody finds this later, the Bing button for Edge Dev did finally arrive toward the end of March (if I remember correctly).

Anyone know how to remove it? @stevexyz