Standard operators and subscriptions

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First published on MSDN on Jun 18, 2009

Do you like the idea of spending several hours creating all of the notification subscriptions your opsmgr operators will ever need?  If that sounds fun to you – enjoy.  For the rest of us, opsmgr allows a standard operator the ability to create their own subscriptions for alerts of interest and, with R2’s new subscription links directly off of the actions menu when viewing alerts, the process is even easier.

Before unleashing your operators to build subscriptions at will, make sure you spend a bit of time showing them how.  When a standard operator launches the opsmgr console and selects an alert view the subscriptions actions may be greyed out as shown.

This is completely normal and indicates that no subscriber data has been provided for the operator.  You can either create the subscriber before the operator is allowed to work in the opsmgr console or you can show the operator how to do it themselves.  All that is required is to have the operator complete the ‘My Subscriber Information’ wizard from the tools menu

Once done, the subscriber will see the links to create subscriptions is now available.



Yes, a bit simple – but it came up recently so thought I’d pass it along.

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