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SPO Tidbit - Released SMPT PowerShell
Published May 15 2019 03:27 PM 397 Views

First published on TECHNET on Aug 07, 2018
Hello All,

I have previously mentioned the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) and it’s capabilities, so I won’t go into how the tool works but read here for detailed info.  But what I want to provide you with is the fact that they have released PowerShell Cmdlet’s to help with the management.

    1. Register-SPMTMigration: This cmdlet will create a SPMT migration session and initialization. The initialization includes configuring migration settings at session level and connecting to SPO. If no specific setting parameters are defined, default settings will be used.  After a session is registered, the Administrator can add a migration task to the SPMT session and start migration.


    1. Add-SPMTTask: Add a new migration task to the registered migration session. Currently you can add three types of tasks;File share task, SharePoint task and JSON defined task.


    1. Remove-SPMTTask: Remove an existing migration task from the registered migration.


    1. Start-SPMTMigration: This cmdlet will start the registered SPMT migration.


    1. Get-SPMTMigration: Return object of current session. It includes information regarding to current tasks and current settings.


    1. Stop-SPMTMigration: Cancel the current migration session.


    1. Show-SPMTMigration: If the admin starts the migration in NoShow mode, running the ‘Show-SPMTMigration’ cmdlet will display the task ID, data source location, target location and migration status in the console.


    1. Unregister-SPMTMigration: Remove the SPMT migration session created.

For more information on the cmdlets and there configuration see here .

To help you understand how long a migration could take please see this article .


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