SPO Tidbit - Modern Site Analytics and Usage get an update
Published May 15 2019 03:26 PM 475 Views

First published on TECHNET on Jul 05, 2018
Hello All,

In case you haven’t noticed we have been making a change to your modern sites and that change is we are improving your Site Usage page.  Here are some of those improvements.

    1. It is more discoverable by adding it to the list you get by clicking on the gear in the top left corner.


    1. Instead of having a trending list of documents users will now see the following lists (Remember these will be based on only the Site)

        1. Top 10 documents

        1. News and pages in the last 7 days

The Usage page will still provide data for Shared with External users as it has been in the past

See this article for the official information and screen shots.


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