SharePoint Tidbit - Simple ways to present data using SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013
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First published on TECHNET on Sep 06, 2012

Hello All,


Something I noticed with SharePoint 2013 that I find very exciting is how it is integrating with other Office products much closer to provide you and your users with a better experience.


If you search thru Technet you will find some great Blogs and Articles in the future about the way that Office is integrating all the different products, but I thought I would call out one of these examples as I think it will become very popular which is Site Mailboxes.  Technically part of Exchange 2013 but if you pair that with a simple Team Site you get a powerful ability to centrally manage your Documents, Emails, Tasks, and Calendar for any Project or event.


And you will be able to use functionality like eDiscovery to find, and export all the data at the Site level…and that includes the mailbox.  There are some exciting things coming out of this build of SharePoint so watch for further updates.


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