SharePoint Tidbit - Governance in the SharePoint Service
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First published on TECHNET on Jun 07, 2018

I figured I would bring some of the information to you along with some suggestions.

My suggestion is to create a Governance Steering team, it should contain some of the following groups (CVS might have others that would be handy)

    1. IT members – Any member of your team with some knowledge of SharePoint


    1. Business Users – A few IT friendly business members, they need to be involved to help with getting the right feel for what is acceptable


    1. Stakeholder – An executive member who can put there weight behind the policies and insure they stick when challenged

Some things to think about:

    1. Approval members in Governance Steering team


    1. Which subjects will be covered in the document


    1. How often you will revise the document

Possible Resources:

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