SCCM 2007 new features flowcharts

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First published on MSDN on Dec 01, 2008

When SCCM 2007 was going through beta I put together some flowcharts providing detail into how the new components work.  Specifically, flows were built for DCM, SUM, OSD, NAP and Peer DP's.  Thought these might be useful to the community as well so posting them here.

Please note that these flows are built based on early beta builds of SCCM 2007 and I'm sure there are errors or items that have changed in the flows.


I have no plans to update the flows to reflect changes that might exist in the current release of the product.  Please also note that these flows are provided AS IS and are not supported in any way by Microsoft.


To install the flows:
1.  Download the attached zip file and then copy the entire directory (sccm2007flows) to your host system
2.  In IIS Administrator, select the default web page, right click and select new > virtual directory
3.  In the virtual diretory wizard, specify the following information
Alias:  Sccm2007flows
Path: <path to sccm2007flows folder>\sccm2007flows
Access permissions:  Read, Browsing
4.  Select properties on the new SCCM207flows virtual directory.  Select the documents tab and select edit.  Type in 'flowchartmain.htm' and select OK.  Move flowchartmain.htm to the top of the default content page list and select OK.
5.  Open a web browser on the server witht he web page and access by entering: http://localhost/sccm2007flows

Note:  The web page has been tested with IIS 6 but not IIS 7.  Also note that the flowchart is designed to run locally - not remote web browser.  Folks comfortable editing web pages should be able to change the 'localhost' reference that is used on the main page to a specific servername for your specific environment.  The main page is the only location that would need to be modified.

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