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First published on TechNet on Sep 25, 2017


Hi, I'm Elizabeth Greene, an Enterprise Platforms PFE. I'm doing a lot of Windows 10 deployment work and get the question "Hey, does product XYZ work with Windows 10?" at least once a week. We have a great web-based tool for answering this question, but it's not very well known. It's called "Ready for Windows", and you can find it here. To use it, simply search for the name of your product. We sift through a big summary of the telemetry data from our commercial users and report back a summary of the matching applications. On this screen you can edit your search and change your targeted Win10 version. When you find the application you need, click it to see the detailed information for that product. On the next screen, you can see a product breakdown by version. We sort the results into one of four categories.

  • Insufficient Data means too few commercial Windows 10 devices are sharing information for this solution for Microsoft to categorize its adoption.
  • Adopted means the solution has been installed on at least 10,000 commercial Windows 10 devices.
  • Highly Adopted means the solution has been installed on at least 100,000 commercial Windows 10 devices.
  • Contact Developer means there may be compatibility issues with this solution, and thus Microsoft recommends contacting the software provider to learn more.

The capability to report compatibility by Windows release and product version is particularly helpful for AV and Security software. Closing, this is a great tool for quick one off questions, but it isn't feasible for checking hundreds or thousands of applications. If you need that capability, our Windows Analytics service is probably a better choice. It's a much bigger tool that automates the hard work of application discovery and creating reports of known application compatibility issues. You can read more about that here:

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