O365 Tidbit - Adding a disclaimer to your login page
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 09, 2017
Hello All,

Recently a customer asked how to add a disclaimer to their login page and i found that there are several ways we can do this.

The first being if you have ADFS then you can perform the following steps:

If you can make it fit into one of the objects on the page that is illustrated here that would be preferred.

    1. You could create an illustration with your disclaimer and use the illustration on the page as listed here


    1. If the disclaimer is short or can be on another page with a link to it you could use the Sign-in Description object as described here

NOTE: You use PowerShell to make the changes and don't go directly to a page

If you feel the above doesn't work for you then you can go in and perform more advanced edits as described here this will use onload.js, you will need to use PowerShell to create the new theme and upload your customized theme (This will most be like editing a particular page).

The second if you don't have ADFS then you can use Azure AD

Following the steps here you can create an illustration and upload it thru your azure portal.


NOTE: This functionality is only supported if you have Basic or Premuim AAD or O365 licenses

Hope this helps you


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