MOSS 2007 ULS/Event Throttling Logging Categories
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First published on MSDN on Aug 17, 2010

Backup and Restore
Backward Compatible Administration
Backward Compatible Site Object Model
Business Data
Content Deployment
Document Management
Excel Calculation Services
Excel Services Administration
Excel Services Cache
Excel Services External Data
Excel Services Session
Excel Services Web Front End
Excel Web Access
Excel Web Services
Feature Infrastructure
Forms Services Administration
Forms Services Conversion and Deployment
Forms Services Data Binding
Forms Services Data Objects
Forms Services Deployment
Forms Services File Open
Forms Services Object Model
Forms Services Rendering
Forms Services Runtime
Forms Services Runtime
Forms Services Runtime
Forms Services Runtime -Business Logic
Forms Services Runtime -Data Connections
Forms Services Runtime -Session State
Forms Services Validation
Group Approval Enhanced Group Management Library
Group Approval Enhanced Group Management Pages
Group Approval Library
Group Approval Pages
Group Approval Schedules
Group Approval SOAP
Information Policy Management
Knowledge Network Server
Launcher Service
Load Balancer Service
Long running operation infrastructure
MCMS 2002 Migration
MS Search Administration
MS Search Advanced Tracing
MS Search Indexing
MS Search Propagation
MS Search Query
MS Search Query Processor
Office Server General
Office Server Shared Services
Project Server - General
Project Server Active Cache Enterprise Resource Load
Project Server Active Cache operations
Project Server Active Cache Save
Project Server Active Directory Synchronization
Project Server Analysis Cube Building
Project Server Archive, Restore
Project Server Calendars
Project Server Global
Project Server Notifications
Project Server Portfolio Management
Project Server Provisioning
Project Server Queue
Project Server Reporting
Project Server Resource
Project Server Security
Project Server Server -Side Events
Project Server Sharepoint Integration
Project Server Status Reports
Project Server Summary Resource Assignments
Project Server Task Statusing and Updates
Project Server Timesheet
Project Server -side Project Operations
Project Web Access
Publishing Cache
Publishing Provisioning
Records Center
Session State Service
Setup and Upgrade
SharePoint Services
Site Directory
Site Management
Timer Job
Unified Logging Service
User Profiles
Web Controls
Web Parts
Workflow Features
Workflow Infrastructure

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