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MEM - Demystifying Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium Profiles
Published Nov 19 2020 08:06 PM 5,691 Views



Hello IT Pros,

When we apply different Edge Profiles in MS Endpoint Manager, we may get a little bit of confusion on what Edge types applied to what Endpoint configuration profiles. In this article, I would like to clear the mist covered Edge and its application. Also, we will make Edge Chromium and Legacy run parallelly on the same Windows 10 systems.

I summarize the difference of Edge’s types and Edge’s usage in the following table:

EdgeHTML is the original Edge (Edge version 45 and earlier)

Other name: Edge Legacy, Edge classic

Source code is written in C++, support web standard (HTML5, Web SQL, WebGL) and interoperability with other modern browser.

Released on 6-2015 with version 19.10149 for Windows 10 mobile and version 20.10158 for desktop.

Microsoft plans to provide security patches for legacy Microsoft Edge until March 9, 2021

Edge Chromium

(Edge version 77 and later)

Other name:

It uses the same rendering engine as Google Chrome but with enhancements developed by Microsoft.

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, macOS

Edge Chromium for Linux OS is in preview, starting 10-20-2020


To Run Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium side-by-side


By default Edge Legacy is hidden when you upgrade it to Edge Chromium. To make both Edges available, adding the following registry key before you do the upgrade to Edge Chromium:

Enable Side-by-side experience using Registry Editing




Right-click on the Microsoft folder, and create a new key with name EdgeUpdate, Create a new 32-bit DWORD with the name Allowsxs and set its value as 1



For the best experience, the Allow Microsoft Edge Side by Side browser experience should be enabled before the new version of Microsoft Edge is deployed

Microsoft Edge Legacy will need to be re-pinned to Start or the Taskbar.

Sites that were pinned to Start or the Taskbar for Microsoft Edge Legacy will be migrated to the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Managing Edge Legacy in Endpoint Manager (Intune)

Using Endpoint Manager admin center

\Windows\configuration profile\device restriction\Microsoft Edge browser



Managing Edge Chromium in Endpoint Manager


Using Endpoint Manager Admin enter

\Windows\Administrative template profile\





Using Endpoint Manager, Configuration Profile to set different home pages, startup pages for Edge legacy and Edge Chromium to run parallelly on the same device:

Prerequisite: Make sure the registry key was set to allow running both Edge browsers at the same time as per the above section detail.

  1. For Edge Chromium: Create the Endpoint Manager\Devices\Windows 10 or later platform with Administrative Template profile contained the following settings:




Setting to open multiple brower ‘s tabs to be opened at browser startup


  1. For Edge Legacy: Create the Endpoint Manager\Devices\Device Restriction for Windows 10 or later platform.

         Choose Microsoft Edge Browser



  1. The two Edge profiles now shown in Endpoint Manager admin center:


4. Testing and Result:

Edge chromium result with correct home pages and multiple tab and web pages opened simultaneously at start:





Edge legacy result with multiple opening tab and web pages according to your Endpoint Manager's  configuration profile settings:





I hope the information is useful.

Thanks for viewing, until next time.



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