Hardware assisted virtualization on vpc2007 sp1
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First published on MSDN on Mar 21, 2009

I recently had my laptop refreshed. My oh so terrible personal space heater/noise maker Toshiba M5 was replaced with a lovely new Dell Latitude E6500. From time to time I need to run a VM on the laptop when I’m on the road. I installed VPC2007 SP1 and fired up a VM. (I’m running Vista x64 SP1) I noticed that things seemed a tad slower than before. I realized Hardware Assisted Virtualization was not enabled, and I didn’t have the ability to turn to it. The settings were greyed out, because VPC was things I didn’t have a machine that supported this configuration, while I indeed did. I made sure to have the settings enabled in the BIOS. This was the part that was causing the issue. In the BIOS virtualization settings, I have 3 options for enabling virtualization, and I had turned on all 3. Turning off the third option, “Trusted Execution”, resolved the issue. I hope this helps some other folks out there.

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