ConfigMgr Current Branch - Software Update Delivery Video Tutorial

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First published on MSDN on Jan 21, 2018


Check out this video tutorial I have posted over at the ConfigMgr blog here .

Description of the video:
The release of Windows 10 brought with it a change in the way updates are released – updates are now cumulative. Since the release of Windows 10 this same cumulative update approach has been adopted for the remainder of supported operating systems. While this approach has significant advantages there still remains some confusion about what it all means.

The video linked below was prepared by Steven Rachui, a Principal Premier Field Engineer focused on manageability technologies. In this session, Steven talks through the changes, why the decision was made to move to a cumulative approach to updating, how this new model affects software updating, how the cumulative approach is applied similarly and differently between versions of supported operating systems and more.

Please share comments on the video.  I am considering posting other videos like this on various ConfigMgr related topics and your comments will be valuable feedback for me to review.

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