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First published on TECHNET on Nov 30, 2017
Hello All,

Saw this and thought everybody might find this of interest.

“Enter Databricks. Founded by the team that started the Spark project in 2013, Databricks provides an end-to-end, managed Apache Spark platform optimized for the cloud. Featuring one-click deployment, autoscaling, and an optimized Databricks Runtime that can improve the performance of Spark jobs in the cloud by 10-100x, Databricks makes it simple and cost-efficient to run large-scale Spark workloads. Moreover, Databricks includes an interactive notebook environment, monitoring tools, and security controls that make it easy to leverage Spark in enterprises with thousands of users.

“Remember the jump in productivity when documents became truly multi-editable? Why can’t we have that for data engineering and data science?”

“We are integrating Azure Databricks closely with all features of the Azure platform in order to provide the best of the platform to users.

Check out the video.


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