5 Minute FIM Hacks: Change the "Employee Type" Validation String Pattern

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First published on MSDN on Oct 14, 2014

In today’s 5 Minute FIM Hack, we’re going to look at changing regular expressions used in attribute bindings.


Here’s a common scenario: you import a group of users from a data source, run a synchronization and then go export them to your FIM portal, only to receive the following export error:



Clicking on it shows



Not much information here, other than the export was unable to create the object in the FIM portal. “Details”, however, give us a bit more information:



There are a few pieces of useful information buried in here. First, we see an attribute representation failure occurring for the attribute “Employee Type” which, in this case, holds a value of “Congressman”. So, we know there’s something about that value that FIM doesn’t like. Further down, nearly at the
bottom, we can see:


“The specified attribute value does not satisfy the regular expression.”


So, what does that mean? It means we have a regular expression string in the validation tab of an attribute binding in the portal. Sounds complex, but this is actually a pretty quick and simple fix.




Start by clicking on “administration” in the bottom left-hand corner of the portal home screen:



From the “Administration” menu, select “Schema Management”:



Select “All Bindings”



Search for “employee”



Click on the “Employee Type” binding to open it



On the “Validation” tab, we see the troublesome string pattern. These are the default, out-of-box options that will be displayed in the “Employee Type” drop-down under the user view in the FIM portal.



Changing these are as simple as entering your desired values. (Make sure to leave the pipes (“|”) in place between them.)



When finished, click “OK”, then “Submit”.



Now, if we view the “Employee Type” drop down menu under the “Work Info” tab on a user view, we will see:



Likewise, if we now execute an export job on the FIMMA, the user will successfully be created in the FIM portal.






Questions? Comments? Love FIM so much you can't even stand it?






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