Win11 LCU installation during OSD via Task Sequence

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Dear All


I have a Win11 22H2 task sequence , and it does the job without any issue.

Now i am trying to have the LCU to be added to the same task sequence. Following have been tried:


  • Install Software Updates task -- This built-in task takes time to scan and get the KB installed, thus delays the OSD process.

  • KB as package -- Created a package with latest KB, then use it in task sequence. It does installs the KB and completes all other tasks. But found it causes few other issues:

    • The task sequence cleanup doesnt happen [_SMSTaskSequence folder resides in C:]

    • The SMSTS log does show any error and also doesnot show Task Sequence Completed 0x00000000

    • PKI sync with ConfigurationManager doesnt happen though the cert is already available in the store

  • Later placed the KB package as last step in the task sequence, this does gets completed successfully. All the above hiccups are addressed. LCU gets installed, but the SSU installs only after the first reboot, which inturn takes 20-25 minutes.

    NOTE: If i had a restart task after the KB package the above mentioned issue comes up.


Please advice/suggest if there can be a better way to approach the LCU installation. We are on MECM 2303.


Kindly take note, downloading latest ISO or offline servicing of W11 image (injecting LCU) has got some operational challenge at my end.


Thank you




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