USB Ethernet Adapter PXE Boot Stopped Working

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Hi all, 


Sorry, have relatively limited knowledge of SCCM but have run into a problem which I've been completely unable to figure out. 


We've been using a Dell Ethernet Adapter to image our Dell XPS Laptops which don't have an ethernet port. We remove the Mac Address after each image. My workmate had been attempting to image this Laptop and occasionally was picking up the boot image and starting the task sequence. Now we can see IPV4 (usb ethernet adapter) in the boot options but then skips right to the onboard Dell diagnostics. Can't see the boot image anymore.


I've done the following: 


1) Manually deleted device from SCCM, also deleted "unknown computer" entry

2) Run queries & reports to ensure the Mac Address or SMBIOS GUID are not in SCCM 

3) Added Mac Address and GUID to exception list on LocalKey reg entry on SCCM server and Hierarchy Settings 



This network adapter was previously working so don't believe it's the network adapter in the bootimage that's at fault. These are all the PXE logs I'm getting. Spent ages on this, any help would be massively appreciated! Thank you! (Note: task sequence is running perfectly on all other machines)



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Note: all BIOS settings and server time are correct.