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After enabling co-management, how long should it take for devices and policies to show up in the Endpoint Manager admin center?

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@Dean Gross The answer is: it depends :smile: Obviously, the client needs to be enrolled first. As explained in the Enable co-management for existing Configuration Manager clients tutorial:


Starting in version 1806, automatic enrollment isn't immediate for all clients. This behavior helps enrollment scale better for large environments. Configuration Manager randomizes enrollment based on the number of clients. For example, if your environment has 100,000 clients, when you enable this setting, enrollment occurs over several days.


Check the CoManagementHandler.log file on the client for any errors during the enrollment process. For more information, see Troubleshooting co-management: Auto-enroll existing Configuration Manager-managed devices into Intun....

When I look at %WinDir%\CCM\logs\CoManagementHandler.log, The last event shown is from May 1, we did the work on May 10 and 11, any idea why nothing is shown in the log?

@Dean Gross Impossible to say from here, but the first thing I would check is if the client did actually receive and process the co-management policy. Is the client healthy, requesting policy and sending inventory/status/state messages? Is it Azure AD joined? Is it in scope for co-management (member of a collection that's targeted for Intune auto enrollment)? If so, do the various "CoMgmtSettings..." baselines show up in the Configurations tab for the ConfigMgr Client control panel applet? If so, are they marked as Compliant? The troubleshooting link I posted earlier contains additional steps you can take to investigate this further.