Support to macOS or Mac devices using ConfigMgr or SCCM is going out of support on 31st Dec 2022?


I think this is important news coming out with the announcement of ConfigMgr 2203 is that macOS client management with Configuration Manager is going to reach of End of Support Soon.


Microsoft announced that Mac Device management with SCCM is one of the features getting Deprecated soon. The date is 31st Dec 2022.


The following is the table that Microsoft updated in the documentation with SCCM 2203 release

The Configuration Manager client for macOS and Mac client management. For more information, see Supported clients: Mac computers. Migrate management of macOS devices to Microsoft Intune. For more information, see Deployment guide: Manage macOS devices in Microsoft Intune. January 2022 December 31, 2022
The site system roles for on-premises MDM and macOS clients: enrollment proxy point and enrollment point. January 2022 December 31,




Hope this information was helpful. So start looking at alternative solutions for macOS or Mac device management.


The macOS SCCM Client Management support is going away announced during the 2203 version release of SCCM. MacOS management should be decoupled from SCCM.


For macOS client management, you might start looking at other solutions such as Intune, Jamf, or Parallels.


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