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We have new SCCM environment 1910 version. Testing software updates on some test machines. On all Win 8.1 test machines, patches got installed. On all Win 10 machines updates are stuck at 0% downloading. All these Win 8.1 and Win 10 machines are in same subnet and checked for boundary and boundary groups. Please let me know what else i have to check or verify.

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Hi Chandrabusa,
Have you checked the Certificates are correct on the client?
While upgrading the SCCM Server the Public Key Cert changes.
You need to reflect the change on the Agent install scripts for the clients.



We have recently been experiencing this issue on seemingly random devices as well.

Not sure exactly why this happens, but the following seems to resolve the issue in our environment without having to uninstall the client:

  1. Stop the SMS Agent service

  2. Stop the Windows Update service

  3. Rename C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution to something else (i.e. SoftwareDistribution.old)

  4. Start the SMS Agent service again

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you may also want to check to see if you have "Allow clients to download delta data when available" in the client settings.  to help narrow down the issue.



@Shane Krummen Thank you very much.  The setting was set. Once i changed the setting to No, I was able to install patches on Win 10 machines. I am not sure why this would cause the issue only on Win 10 machines not on Win 8.1 machines.



@chandrabusa just curious, are you installing o365 updates?

Yes. I am installing O365 updates also.

Thx. Can you provide the client version in use? This was an issue that we discovered and fixed prior to 1910 GA. The workaround noted should not be needed if clients are running an updated version of the client. I guess I should also inquire about your path to 1910. Did you deploy an early/fast update ring of 1910 or did you simply wait until the GA version was made available?


We made a hotfix available to early adopters that included the fix. 


  • Office 365 updates fail to download in Configuration Manager environments with Windows Delivery Optimization (Allow clients to download delta content when available) enabled. Note enabling this setting should not apply to Office 365 updates.
    Errors resembling the following are recorded in the DeltaDownload.log file.


I forgot to mention that O365 updates got installed fine but it was only Microsoft Windows updates that did not got installed on Win 10 machines. Everything was working after i turned off download delta content when available.
I installed 1910 GA. My clients are on 5.00.8913.1012.

Interesting...that's definitely not expected. If you have some time and don't mind, please send-a-frown via the CM console with as much detail as possible. Please note the Win10 version(s) in use as well as whether or not you have the site configured to sync express files. E.g. Download both full files for all approved updates and express installation files for Windows 10 on the Update Files tab of the SUP properties. 

Done. Thank you.
I have faced same issue for only one machine. Just created a separate boundary with IP address range for that server and assigned to the group. Make sure that boundary is not overlapping between the groups. Its worked fine..

@Akshay_Mane , Thank you for the recommendation. I applied what you did and add; the following steps as well.

1.Stop Background Intelligent Transfer Service
2. Stop Cryptographic Services


and this works for our environments.


Thank you