Site Reset - safe or Risky? - ANSWERED

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Hi, Just wondering if anybody has done a site reset before.  i read what I can find about it but am still a bit vague.  Once you do a site reset, is there any reconfiguration required afterward?

I understand it will do the following.  

  • Reapplies the default Configuration Manager file and registry permissions.
  • Re-installs all site components and all site system roles at the site.

When it does the reinstall component, will that wipe out all my config back to defaults or is it more like an inplace repair that leaves all config?

Our last 4 upgrades have all had issues including some where permissions on file shares had to be recreated to get things working again and others requiring roles to be removed and re-added to get other things working.  I'm just wondering if a site reset might "reset" our config to ensure all permissions and components are where they should be or will it put us back to a default config that I have to completely reconfigure.  


From what I have read, it appears, you just run the reset and you are done, however as we don't have a test environment, I'd just like to hear from somebody who has actually done it on a Production environment.  Thanks in advance.  


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@PaulKlerkx A site reset is safe to perform. All site roles and components will be re-installed, which essentially means that all files and registry settings, that are necessary for those roles and components to function correctly, will be (re-)created. All Configuration Manager component and object configurations are stored in the site database, so those will be retained. Any non-default permissions you configured through the console will remain as they are. However, as you already mentioned, all ConfigMgr-related file, folder, share and registry permissions will be reset to their defaults.


A site reset is part of the site update process, so if you experienced permissions-related issues after you updated your site, chances are you set custom (non-standard) permissions to certain files, folders, shares and/or registry keys that are managed by ConfigMgr. If that's the case, then you will probably have to re-create those after each site update.

@Michiel Overweel  Awesome, exactly what I was hoping to hear.  Thankyou.