SCCM CoManagement OSD

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Can the device be co-managed during Task Sequence process so that all polices are applied before the build is complete. So we have Endpoint protection policies managed through Intune. So when we rebuild (wipe and load) the existing Hybrid Azure AD join Co-managed device during the imaging process the device should get all polices for Endpoint protection like Firewall, Ant-virus and Bitlocker. so even before the user logs in it should have all the policies on to the device.


I did add few registry entries for hybrid join during imaging and i see successfully in the Intune portal and Azure portal but the workloads are empty. so looking to see if there is a way we can have the workloads added during the build process. I know it is not supported way but any other insight


Also can we use Autopilot here so that the existing device can be managed and use the PROVISIONTS value while installing the SCCM client

Run a ConfigMgr task sequence via Windows Autopilot and Intune – Out of Office Hours (


Any help is much appreciated

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The problem with getting it to be "co-managed" is getting the MDM enrollment into the Intune service to occur quickly. All the workloads really are is SCCM Configuration Baselines being set via Configuration Manager in the registry.