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In the backup process, I'm getting the error "Cannot create \share\Backup\CM1\AdminUIContentStaging, [error code: 1326, error message: The user name or password is incorrect.]" only during the backup process. The database backup is working fine without any issues.


The system users have full control on the share. Since it's the system user that performs this action, I can't understand why it's giving the error message mentioned above.


I have SCCM version 2303.

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Did you try to Create the folder outside of ConfigMgr backup task using the local system account yourself?


The error message you are encountering during the backup process indicates that there is an issue with the authentication credentials being used by the system user to access the shared folder. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Verify the credentials: Double-check the credentials being used by the system user to ensure they are correct. Pay attention to any potential typos or changes in the password. Also, make sure the credentials have sufficient permissions to access the shared folder.

  2. Test access to the shared folder: Manually verify if the system user has proper access to the shared folder by attempting to access it using the same credentials. This can help identify if there are any permission issues or connectivity problems between the SCCM server and the shared folder.

  3. Validate share permissions: While you mentioned that the system users have full control on the share, it's important to also check the NTFS permissions on the shared folder. Ensure that the system user has the necessary read, write, and modify permissions on both the share level and the NTFS level.

  4. Check for password expiration or account lockout: Verify if the system user's password has expired or if the account has been locked out due to failed login attempts. In such cases, updating the password or unlocking the account can resolve the authentication issue.

  5. Consider using a service account: Instead of relying on the system user, you may want to consider using a dedicated service account for the backup process. This account can be granted the necessary permissions to access the shared folder and can be configured specifically for the backup operation.

  6. Review event logs: Check the event logs on the SCCM server for any relevant error messages or warnings that could provide more details about the authentication failure. Look for events related to the backup process or the system user account.

If the issue persists after going through these steps, it's recommended to reach out to the SCCM support or your IT department for further assistance. They can provide more specific guidance based on your environment and configuration.

Thank you for your answer.


I have found the problem, which was related to the package source not having a domain. I had \\test\adr(...) and changed it to \\\adr(...).


So the problem is solved.


Thank you.