Problem with Signing Certificate for WSUS

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  I am in the process of standing up a new ConfigMgr 1910 on Server 2019.  My WSUS server is remote and I have SSL working between the site server and the SUP.  I am able to see and deploy MS updates in the CM console.  However CM is not creating the signing certificate.


  I have tried to load the certificate manually using SCUP but receive the following error.



I have tried removing the SUP and the uninstalling and reinstalling WSUS on the remote server as well I have tried to install the certificate on WSUS before configuring SSL and after and receive the same error.  I have also observed that the WSUS keystore is missing from the certificates console.



I am unable to find any errors in the logs.  Any help would be great!



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Additionally I have tried the following command to import the cert


I have confirmed that the code signing cert is using SHA-2