next steps for SUP/WSUS and fix dot net 3.5 issue

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Was wondering can advise on next steps when configuring WSUS/SUP in MECM 2002


So I have gone and setup the SUP role within MECM 2002 and installed WSUS as part of the pre-reqs. I have performed a synchronisation and can see now that when running group policy on machines, it’s now pointing the software update location to the MECM server.

However I need to know what I now need to do next.

Would the next step be to create ADR rules within MECM?

Also I have had issues installing 3.5 as part of Windows 10 OSD and through software centre (Software centre I receive an error 0x800F0818(-2146498536).

My plan now is to install this (if I can) as part of WSUS/SUP. Is this possible whilst the machine does it updates and I target a dot net install?

Look forward to your responses.

Thank you

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@isotonic_uk Download SuperFlow for Configuring Software Updates


Create an offline package for .net and deploy. Online package will not work.

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Next step would be to configure the client settings and create ADRs for deployment.


About the .NET 3.5.

1. Create a folder on your source share

2. Extract the SXS folder from the Windows 10 iso

3. Create for example and save a cmd script as "install.cmd": 

SET returncode=%errorlevel%

DISM.exe /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All /LimitAccess /Source:"%Source%sxs"

exit /b %returncode%


4. Create a package and a program with "install.cmd"

5. Deploy in your OSD or to device collection

Thanks Alexender

Your post pointed me in the right direction, I didnt fully understand the package and program bit but managed to find a post which explained it and it deploys successfully now.

For info, the post used was

Many Thanks