MECM Task Sequence App Deployment type not restarting computer

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Hello All,


I have a non-OSD task sequence that is being used to escrow a recovery password and uninstall encryption software on a number of endpoints in our environment. I have created an application with the TS deployment type and chosen the desired task sequence to be deployed as an application.


I chose to deploy as an application to make use of the restart pop up notifications configured in client settings under computer agent and computer restart to have the user prompted with a restart notification instead of rebooting the computer without the user's permission. So far, I am unable to get the computer to prompt with the restart notification. I know the client settings are configured correctly because other app deployments successfully show the pop up. The task sequence completes successfully and everything works as expected except for the restart. RebootCoordinator does not show any attempts to reboot the computer and the maintenance window is configured correctly. I also have the "Configmgr will enforce a mandatory reboot" enabled on the App Deployment type User Experience settings.


Does anyone have experience doing something similar and had success with the restart notifications on Task Sequence deployed as an application? The CM version is 2111


Thanks for any help!

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Read this :

Never tested TS deployment type but you can test a workaround :
- Add a run powershell script step at the end of the TS
- Paste the script « What if you want to kick off the built in SCCM reboot WITH the client settings countdown timer? »
- Add a Set Task Sequence Variable –step to the task sequence.
- Fill in as Task Sequence Variable SMSTSPostAction and as Value c:\windows\ccm\ccmrestart.exe

Great Idea!

I never thought about kicking off the ccmrestart.exe command manually. I actually ended up doing the whole deployment as a PowerShell script. The point of the TS for me was to have the log to see what went wrong where during testing. Once I decided to build my own custom logging into the script there was no need for the Task Sequence and all was well.

Thanks so much for your reply! I hope anyone else who comes across this finds it useful.