Installing Client on Non-Domain Joined Server

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We have a number of servers that will not be joined to our domain but want to manange with MECM.  There are 3 different locations that these servers can be created in.  I have setup 3 boundry groups for these locations with cooresponding IP's that would be assigned.  I also created 2 additional Distribution Points for each location.

Once the server has been created, I copy the Client installation files over and open up the appropriate ports in the firewall.

My question is, when running the following command:  ccmsetup.exe /mp:<Management Point FQDN> SMSSITECODE=PPP SMSMP=<Management Point FQDN> DNSSUFFIX=<domain suffix>,

If I use the Primary MP and Site Code, it seems to install correctly, but I cannot change Site Code to the site I want it to be on (IE: XX1, XX2, XX3)

I have tried to use the Primary MP for the MP: setting, the SMSSITECODE of the site I want it to be on, SMSMP of the Secondary DP/MP but I get errors on the installation.

Failed to get MDM_ConfigSettings instance, 0x80041013

Count not retrieve value for MDM_ConfigSetting. Error 0x80041013

Failed to read assigned site code from registry. Error code = 0x80070002

Failed to get directory list from http://SecondarySiteServer/CCMTOKENAUTH_SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/TM1000003. Error 0x80070002

At the end, it says Ccmsetup is exiting with return code 0 which says it installed.

Configuration Manager does show in Control Panel, General tab only has Client Certificate, Connection Type and Version.

Any ideas?

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@bfry2461 are you only using ip ranges for boundaries? 

Not sure I understand your question. If you are referring to IP Addresses in the boundries, then yes.
There are 4 type of boundaries, AD, IPv4 subnet, IPv6 and IP Ranges.

What boundaries types are you using?
I am using IPv4 and AD.
You should use IP Ranges only.

Thank you for the reply,  Will that fix the above issue?


Let put it this way workgroup computer can't belong to AD Site so those boundaries are not helpful. IP Subnets are not 100% perfect and rely on the clients IP subnet mask to match exactly the IP subnet. This leave IP Ranges as the only boundaries that will ever be 100% all the time.

Now back to your problem, you suggest that the client is installed correctly but not working. There is a big chance, I will say 60+% that this is boundaries related. To be honest there is not enough details to make that a larger percentage. So fixing the boundaries can only help. If only to eliminate them as a problem.