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We're about to overhaul and rebuild our SCCM. We're currently on SCCM 2012 R2 but have been experiencing a lot of issues with  it and have decided to start from scratch. Fortunately we're a small organisation of around 600 people in a single site location. 


I'm looking for advice and recommendation for the deployment in this size/scenario using the latest SCCM version. What would you advise? Single server? Seperate Database? Seperate WSUS? 

We don't intend to manage servers (ie. we don't plan on purchasing the Server ML's) - does would the impact of this be - given that the only thing we use it for is to deploy patches and are considering whether it would be easier if we deployed patches simply using WSUS instead.


Any advice, guidance and pointers much appreciated.





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Hi Baronne


Start by looking at these topics.


Your numbers are well within single site range, however there may be additional considerations specific to your environment or functionality needs, to take into account.  Consultants can help with design questions.  


Another thing to consider if you are not managing servers is EMS.  You can sign up for an Enterprise Mobility + Security 1:1 online demo and trial ( 


For a small ConfigMgr environment, you can absolutely run everything in a single VM with all roles. 4 VCPus, 16 - 24 2GB of RAM and you'll be good. With today's Hyper-V/VMware host hardware,  we don't start to offloading roles until we hit five figures in the number of clients.


Just make sure that the disk volumes you use in the VM for the database are somewhat fast, about 700-900 iops with a 64 kb random write, 100 percent (check with diskspd.exe).